As a completely web-based Computer Aided Facilities Management solution, Concept Evolution™ has a number of key feartures that make it the perfect solution for facilities managers across a range of industries:

  • Accessible anywhere via a single web browser
  • Extremely powerful, flexible and easy-to-use
  • Single, integrated view of Facilities Management and Maintenance Management activities
  • Integration with common business applications for complete control of Facilities Management and Maintenance Management functions
  • Built using the latest Microsoft® .NET technology
  • Owned and developed by FSI

key features

Concept Evolution™ is perfectly suited to organisations and facilities managers who manage a single facility through to a global property portfolio, or those who focus on a singular aspect of facilities operations.  Concept Evolution™ is a superior Computer Aided Facilities Management solution that will allow you to stay on time and on budget, driving significant cost savings that translate to long-term profitability.

Who uses Concept Evolution™?

What is Concept Evolution™

Concept Evolution™ is a completely web-based Computer Aided Facilities Management solution, and the next generation of FSI's multi award-winning Concept™ CAFM range. This new breed of Computer Aided Facilities Management software merges powerful functionality with sophisticated technology to extend facilities management across borders, and optimise process efficiency, accuracy and productivity throughout the lifecycle.

Easily accessed through a standard web browser, Concept Evolution™ offers an extremely powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use facilities management software platform that leverages the web to provide a single, integrated view of facilities and maintenance activities across your portfolio.

By centralising data and processes throughout the facility management lifecycle, Concept Evolution™ provides a secure, seamless flow of information across locations, divisions, operations, people and projects. This next generation of our CAFM software makes critical operational data available on-demand to users in any location.  It offers a single, holistic view of all facilities and maintenance activities, and can easily track every location, asset and person: analyse the processes, costs and efforts required for optimal operations, and understand the impact of acquisitions, utilisation, maintenance, improvements, service provision and expenditures.

From single to multi-user Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) solutions to suit your company, whatever size.