■ Drag & Drop Application builder

■ Multi-Tenant Support (SaaS)

■ Database Object Builder

■ Database Relationship Builder

■ Application Publishing

■ Mobile User Notifications

■ Mapping-Geo-Notifications

■ Diagnostics

■ Document Publishing

■ Device Management

■ Security and Permissions System

■ Multi-Language Support

■ Remote Mobile Wipe

■ Mapping – Find User / Nearest

■ Tenant Data Viewer

■ Device Registration

■ Licencing System

■ User and Role Managemen

FSi Go™ portal features

If you have a mobile workforce and you're thinking about a mobile app FSI Go is for you, from a single device to over a thousand devices.

FSI GO is a software platform for Mobile Application development. Providing flexibility and agility, users can build fully customised mobile solutions, extending the functionality of both Concept Evolution™ and third party integrated systems.

FSI GO supports mixed environment Smart Phones and tablets, plus 'bring your own' device.

Check the list of approved devices and please consult with us prior to purchasing a device.

The FSI GO platform comes with a range of pre-designed template applications.

Mobile applications are built via the fully web-enabled Management Portal.

The FSI GO App is available to download from the following stores:

What is FSi Go™

■ Secure Logon / Authentication

■ Multiple Application Support

■ Multi-Platform

■ Data Synchronisation Services

■ Application Synchronisation


■ Barcode Support

■ Signature Capture

■ RFID / NFC Support

■ Published Document Viewer

■ Data Encryption

■ Geo-Notifications

■ Notifications

■ Web Service Call Out

■ Mobile Forms Runtime Engine

■ Device Registration

■ Off-Line Data Store

FSi Go™ mobile features